Serving the finest authentic New York Kosher delicatessen and eastern European comfort foods since 1972, you can count on Ben’s to help plan the perfect party, food, staff, even rentals! Our catering professionals will be pleased to consult with you at our place or yours!


You could make a meal from our appetizers! And sometimes people do. There’s plenty of variety. How much to order depends on your intended usage. For grazing with cocktails and no other foods, figure 10-12 pieces per guest. When using appetizers as true appetizers, figure 4-6 pieces per guest.

Hot Appetizers

Cold Garnished Fresh Salad Molds

When your menu includes salads among your appetizers, you may roughly translate salads to “pieces”. Figure approximately 8 “appetizer pieces” per pound of salad.

Decorative Cold Platters

Homemade Soups

Soups are an important part of traditional Eastern European cookery. True to our heritage, we still make ours from scratch. In the old days, soup and bread would make a meal. Today, smaller portions often precede the main course. For larger portions, figure 2 people per quart; for normal portions 3 people per quart; that’s 10-12 people per gallon.

Emergency Chicken Soup Supply Kit

Pour a piping hot treat from Ben’s marvelous new disposable container. Equally at home in the office or at a football game, the kit includes hot cups, soup spoons, and napkins.



We offer a wide variety of both side salads and green salads, all made on premises using fresh, seasonal ingredients. When ordering leafy green salads with a meal, we figure 4 ounces per guest. For other salads, often used as side dishes, the quantity to order depends on the total number of salads and side dishes ordered. The more variety ordered, the less you need of each dish, though you should have enough of each item to accommodate all of your guests. Need assistance? Please call!

Leafy Green Side Salads

Traditional Delicatessen Favorites

Center-of-the-Plate Entree Salads

Ben’s Caesar, Baby Field Greens or Tossed Garden Salad
With Grilled Chicken Breast
With Grilled Salmon Filet

Grilled Chicken Orientale
With Scallions, Water Chestnuts, Snow Peas and Crunchy Noodles

Chef’s Salad
With Choice of Delicatessen Meats

Grilled Chicken & Avocado Salad
With Mixed Garden Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions and a Homemade Basil & Sweet Honey Mustard Dressing


Ben’s offers a wide variety of entrees each freshly prepared in our kitchens expressly for your event. Entrees are priced and offered in one gallon trays, with each tray serving 8-10 guests. Ben’s offers a number of catered package options, many of which include two or more entrees. Please consult with our staff to create a menu just right for you!

Traditional Eastern European Cookery

Comfort Foods

Kosher Poultry

Continental Entrees

Asian Entrees

Delicatessen Platters

(9 person minimum). Served with homemade cole slaw and potato salad, relish tray and condiments.

Specialty Sandwich Baskets

(9 sandwich minimum). Served with homemade Cole slaw and potato salad.

Side Dishes

Most of our freshly-prepared side dishes are priced and offered in half-gallon trays. Using normal side dish portions, figure that a half-gallon tray will serve 10 guests.

Traditional Puddings

All of our sweet and savory puddings are prepared from scratch using recipes of Eastern European origin. Baked right in the tray, puddings are real crowd-pleasers and a wonderful alternative to everyday side dishes.

Potato, Pasta & Rice Dishes


Specialty Sides

Assorted Relish Trays


Seasonal Fresh Fruits

Cookies & Pastries

Cakes & Pies

Carry-Out Coffee or Tea Service

Ben’s ingenious, disposable container goes anywhere without plugs or wires! Contains everything needed: hot cups, sugar and sweetener, non-dairy creamer, cups, stirrers and napkins (with lemon and tea bags for tea).

Countertop Frankfurter Cart

Delight the young and young at heart alike with this novel countertop replica of an old-fashioned street cart.

Actual charges levied by venues on catering will be passed on to the customer. Prices effective May 2023 and are subject to change without notice. Please confirm at time of order.