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Ben’s Gifts and Gags

Your friends at Ben’s proudly offer an attractive array of gift items that are perfect for your family, friends, and business acquaintances… near and far. There’s never been anything like it, and that’s why we’re sure you’ll like it.

Among our unique and exciting selections you’ll find funny and yummy gifts for practical jokers, practical noshers, practically anybody. Each features the delicious deli delicacies that have built Ben’s reputation for the finest since 1972.


All 100% preshrunk cotton.

The Longer It Hangs Tee: $16.99
Make a bold statement… a conversation piece at any occasion! XL only.

Star Spangled Tee: $16.99
Great for 4th of July or any other day you just feel patriotic! L or XL.

Of Course Tee: $16.99
Message front: 1st Course, 2nd Course, Ben’s of Course; back: Ben’s Logo. L or XL.


Ben’s Benny Small: $9.99
wearing a Ben’s mini-T… sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

Ben’s Benny Large: $15.99
complete with apron, chefs hat and bowtie.


Ben’s Baseball Cap: $9.99
Wear the cap of the real winning team! One size fits all. Navy blue. Closed back only.

Yarmulke: $9.99
Message “Ben’s Has You Covered.” One size fits all. 


Ben’s Coffee Mugs: $9.99/ea.
These 8 oz. mugs makes for great conversation pieces. Coffee not included.

16 Oz. Beer Mug: $9.99
It can be less filling and taste great at the same time! Sorry, but this item is BYOB only!

Ben’s Wine Glass: $9.99
High quality, yet durable.

Ben's Merchandise


New York Deli Delights

Kosher delights ready to be picked up at your favorite Ben’s location.

New York’s Upper Best Side: $279.99
The City’s best… a whole navel pastrami and extra lean corned beef, a 2 lb. chunk of salami, 6 square knishes, plus deli mustard and fresh rye.

Brooklyn Basics In A Box: $119.99
Ebbets Field sandwich hits… with at least 2 lbs. of navel pastrami, 2 lb. salami, half sour pickles, deli mustard and fresh rye.

The S’lower East Side Salami: $99.99
Deli salami is a delicacy… minimum 6.5 lbs. Hebrew National whole salami. Have your way with it.


Ben’s Gift Baskets

Kosher wine, salami, mustard, grape juice, pasta, “Jewish” fortune cookies, halvah, chocolate and more!

The Tisket: $79.99
For anyone you like a lot, such as In-laws.

The Tasket: $99.99
For anyone you like twice as much, such as anyone else.

*We do not ship these items.


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