Ben’s Coordinated Shiva Service

Shiva is a time for mourners to express their sorrow and offer comfort upon the passing of a loved one. After the funeral, mourners ‘sit’ Shiva at the house of the deceased for a period of seven days. During that time, visitors often provide food to the bereaved to free them from cooking.

When a Shiva order is placed at Ben’s for a particular location, a coordinator is immediately assigned. The Ben’s coordinator will work to ensure that a variety of foods are delivered to the Shiva location, that deliveries are spread throughout the Shiva period so fresh food arrives daily and that interruptions caused by deliveries are minimized.

Ben’s offers a wide variety of traditional foods for the seven days of Shiva. In addition to the cold cut platters and hot, homemade Kosher meals listed here, our ‘Catered Foods’ brochure offers dozens of additional choices, including finger foods and lighter fare. Ben’s staff would be pleased to help with these arrangements.


Serves 10

Side Dishes

Serves 10


Serves 8-10

All entrees include: 1-1/2 lbs. of Rye Bread, 2 lbs. of either fresh-cut Cole Slaw or Health Salad, 2 lbs. of either Egg Barley or Kashe Varnishkes or Homemade Mashed Potatoes, 1 quart of Vegetable of the Day

Cold Cut Classic

For 10

Hungarian Goulash

For 10


Serves 10


For Condolence Catering or Coordinated Shiva Services for up to 30 people, please click here.