April 2023 Ruminations & Ronnifications

What shall I write about for the April Newsletter?

Shall I make a daring statement and then follow that up by saying it was an April Fool’s Joke?

Shall I say that I wish I could do even only a scant of what I could do ten years ago?

Shall I open with a larger than life, Breaking News story which I see on every news program? Isn’t the word news in and of itself breaking?

Shall I write about my experiences with some in the legal profession who are  actually modern day ambulance chasers? Now ask me how I truly feel.

Shall I write about patrons who abuse our hard working staff members?

Shall I write about how the pandemic almost put us and many other businesses out of business?

Shall I write about customers who actually stop ordering to answer their phones, and have a personal phone conversation while the counter person waits until they finish?

Shall I write about the landlords who worked with their tenants during the Pandemic and other landlords who cared less of the impact on our business and future? They know who they are …

Shall I write the immense appreciation I have for the members of the Ben’s Executive Team? And the many employees who strive to make happy customers?

Ah heck, I’ll take this opportunity to wish all our friends and patrons a very happy and sweet Passover and a Happy Easter; To  our employees a well deserved break from work.

As we do every year, we will be closed for the eight days of Passover so, hopefully, when the holidays are over, there will be a pent up demand for our house made corned beef, our double steamed pastrami, fresh cut French Fries, Matzoh Ball Soup … and all the other goodies that one expects from Ben’s Kosher Restaurant-Delicatessen and Caterers.

Thank you all and …

See you at the deli!

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