August 2019 Ruminations & Ronnifications

I am old enough to remember when we had bomb drills in elementary school where we hid under a desk (a lot of good that would do during a nuclear explosion, or shall we say a nuclear implosion).

Russia, China and Cuba were our mortal enemies in the 1950s, with Russia having a nuclear arsenal. But I thought then as I do now that we are not enemies. Rather, we have differences of how things should work (and I always wonder, by whose definition?), which is why we were given a brain, ears, eyes and the ability to speak.

When we have a dispute with a neighbor or a friend, do we look to kill? I certainly hope not.

And if we choose as couples to decouple (I very recently heard that term), we go to mediation or arbitration, or court… courting a divorce and not by the end of a bullet or knife.

War no more ……Has it ever solved anything except for the destruction of Nazi Germany? One war plants the seeds of the next war and the next and the next until we have war forevermore…and we cry for the dead and wounded but the piling of bodies grows ever higher.

So having said that, what should we fear the most? Nuclear war certainly but what if Earth becomes uninhabitable? I guess I could hide under a table in the restaurant, bringing back many memories (not that this new table was any stronger than my elementary school desk) or a bubble that sustains me high in the mountains so I’d be less affected from the melting ice and rising oceans!

Oh well….it’s time to go back to slicing pastrami….and celebrating National Deli Month in August.

See ya at the deli!


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