December 2018 Ruminations & Ronnifications

As we approach 2019, I am astounded by the changes taking place at breathtaking speed (or is it breakneck speed?) whether it is in the technological sphere, the brick and mortar industry, sports analytics, the food industry, or our personal behavior.

I’ve been told by my wife that the toilet seat needs to be down when I flush. I asked her why, she says there will be bacteria in the air. I say, there will always be bacteria in the air.

I’ve been told by my daughter that I need to Purell when I enter their home. I have also been told to Purell when I come close to my granddaughter and grandson (oh, I also need to take my shoes off when I enter their home). Are all the germs evaporated as a result?

Our paper and bag company (although they sell more plastic than paper) tells us that we need to order five days in advance of a holiday because they are off on the holiday (but shouldn’t that mean — as a result of my mathematical training — that we would only need one additional day to order?).

Our broadline distributor (the new word to describe our grocery vendor) tells us that they will cut off all orders if not sent by 4:00 in the afternoon for a next-day delivery. There was a time when a wholesaler would beg for an order at any time day or night. There was a time when a live human being actually answered the phones.***

Ten years ago, I took no pills. Now, I must take 25 pills per day, some in the morning, some at night. I sometimes think that some of the aches and pains I endure are not from the ailment, but rather from the side effects of all the pills I am taking. Might this be collusion by the drug companies?

I used to read the sports pages and understood what the sportswriter was writing. Now, I need a translator to interpret what the new jargon means. I knew from ERA, batting average, wins and losses. Now I see all other verbiage that lets one know if one is a good pitcher, a good hitter. I say, just watch the game and watch the player!

I always thought of my business life as an ever-changing and evolving adventure…over time. Now, I feel as if change is happening overnight. What was technologically good yesterday is no longer good or even legal today. From chip readers, to counterfeit detectors, to computer upgrades, etc. I need to rewrite our employee handbook too much. Might this be collusion with the printing industry?

Ah heck, that’s enough for now.

See ya at the deli,


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