July 2019 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Here I am, about seven miles in the air traveling to Memphis, Tennessee – a place I have not been to in over 47 years. My wife Cindy, and I are taking a river cruise on the mighty Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans. I hope to see Graceland prior to the beginning of the river cruise so I can remember the time my late Aunt Betty danced to “Hound Dog” and other Elvis Presley songs. Understand that my Aunt Betty lived with us as we were growing up. To this day, I get the greatest joy listening to 50s music, smiling with all the warm memories of Aunt Betty, for whom our four-year-old granddaughter is named.

Just prior to boarding the plane at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, I recognized a Congressman from – of all places – the Volunteer State, Tennessee. It was U.S. representative, Steve Cohen. Anyone who knows me knows I could never pass up the opportunity to converse with a politician. I told him that, in a few weeks, I would be catering an event in Washington, D.C.

Lo and behold, he said he would be attending. I then told the Congressman that I would be slicing the succulent double-steamed pastrami at that event. I did tell him, however, that I wouldn’t be serving fried chicken, as there was a famous picture of the good Congressman munching on fried chicken while some of his fellow Congressmen were questioning the Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, about the Mueller Report.

He then told me that, on the cruise I was taking, there would be ample amounts of southern fried chicken to nosh on. And my wandering mind is still wondering if he, the good Congressman, was washing down that Kentucky fried chicken with some of that well-known Tennessee whiskey.

See y’all at the Deli.


P.S. Tennessee Congressman, Steve Cohen, did indeed attend the DNC event in Washington, D.C. that Ben’s catered!

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