July 2022 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Once again, I’ve been given the monthly task of writing a blog for the E Deli Newsletter … so after about twenty years of writing this monthly piece, I was bereft of ideas. Then, suddenly, I realized that it is July 4th and what better topic than that of our founding fathers. Men (and women) of character, of letters, they dotted the landscape of the colonies. Political philosophers who sought to emulate the great Greek philosophers and the English Magna Carta. Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Jay, are just some of the names I remember from my political science classes (from over 55 years ago). Not without warts, they still represented the best of America. Legal scholars, inventors, reluctant politicians, authors of the Declaration of Independence, author of the Bill of Rights (presently under attack) and of course, our United States Constitution which I believe should be a living document.

So to everyone at Ben’s –– customers, vendors and employees –– I wish you a Happy July 4th using the month of July as a reflection of where we have been and gone and where we shall go to make this a more perfect union.

Thank you all for your patronage and for helping me keep the kosher tradition alive.

With best regards,
Ronnie Dragoon

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