June 2023 Ruminations & Ronnifications

When I was growing up, I witnessed many historical events that shaped the world.

I saw Khrushchev’s shoe-banging stunt at the UN, and the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK. I lived through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, and the war in Afghanistan.

Nowadays, I feel like I’m in a cowboy movie. Violence and chaos everywhere. Putin invading Ukraine. Polarization and conflict everywhere.

But in my little corner of kosher deli heaven, I find some peace and joy in what I do. I keep working hard as I approach my 75th birthday and hoping for a better future for everyone.

But enough about me and my thoughts (not that you could stop me anyway).

Let me tell you some exciting news about Ben’s in Manhattan. We have merged that location with Mr. Broadway, an OU Glatt Kosher Deli-Restaurant this past month. Right now, we are only open for delivery and pick up, but we will let you know when we are ready to welcome you in person. Ben’s is an equal partner in this new venture, which will give you another option when you visit the Big Apple.

And with that, I must go and prepare a catering tray!

See ya at the deli.


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