November 2020 Ruminations & Ronnifications

I am sitting in my home office listening to Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, the Weavers and realizing that many of our patrons do not know or remember these traveling troubadours of years gone by.

I needed a diversion.  I have been spending so much time working in my home office, I asked my wife to do her Amazon Prime thing and see if she could order a phonograph player (otherwise known as a Victrola).

Sure enough it arrived within a few days and I had to go to an old cabinet where my old (now referred to as vintage) records were stored. Retrieving my old-time favorites now playing on my Victrola, I recall the days of marching for peace, civil rights, and progressive causes.

In the same way I am nostalgic about these times in my life,  poets and singers, I also think about my life’s work and Kosher Delis, and how things  have  changed. I sadly recall the time when there were three kosher delis on the same block in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Now we are lucky if there are three kosher delis in each of those boroughs.

I am determined for others in the Ben’s organization to continue this journey, and as always, I will do everything in my power, to keep the tradition alive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our management team and employees, and of course, all our loyal  patrons for helping in this endeavor. I would also like to thank my wife for bringing  music to my ears, which has been so uplifting  and joyful in these crazy and uncertain times.

Wishing everyone a very happy, bountiful and healthy Thanksgiving, at Ben’s or in your home.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay well.

See ya at the deli.


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