November 2021 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Wow, it’s November already. I guess the cows are elated and rejoicing while the turkeys are seeing their futures come crashing down but no worry; we know at least one will be spared courtesy of a Presidential pardon. So what am I thinking about as we head towards the year 2022 which will be a special year for Ben’s. We will  be celebrating our 50th year in business. I started as I just turned 24 and now in 2022 I’ll be 74. Now that’s old (at least it used to be). In my early twenties I thought of the year 2000 and realized I’d be turning 52 years old and to me back then, that was old. Now, it’s a younger and more mature person. Is that called rewriting history? In any case, we’ll be celebrating all year long with give-aways, special discounted meals and other assorted prizes and maybe even a contest or two. We are proud that we prevailed through a financial crisis and this once in a lifetime pandemic (at least we all hope so). Would you believe that there is a shortage of turkeys for Thanksgiving? But no worry, we planned well in advance and scoured the market place but at a higher cost though we  raised the pricing for this holiday minimally so everyone is not left out to enjoy the festivities. And of course, we have Chanukah following on the heels of Thanksgiving and we’ll continue with our tradition of offering three dozen mini latkes (pancakes) and receiving the fourth dozen gratis (doesn’t that sound better than free).

See ya at the Deli,

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