October 2020 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Let me recount the ways I have brought customers along for the ride and made them feel very much a part of Ben’s and the Ben’s Family. By giving tours in the store I was working and by corresponding with those who have written commentaries on the food and service, I was able to make people feel invested in Ben’s. And if there was a negative critique, I used empathy and sympathy when listening to the patron as well as using a bit of humor and generosity in my response.

An example:
I had a man say that Ben’s would never last, and all his neighbors said Ben’s was no good (I suspect pricing was too high.) Upon hearing that I sprang into action. Mr. Marx: I would love to give you a tour of the belly of the beast (the store and its bowels) and you can also watch the food being prepared since we make 95% of our menu in house. A week later he told me about telling his neighbors that they could eat off the floors, and he couldn’t believe how much food was made from scratch. I converted almost a whole housing development of naysayers.

People don’t forget.

Another example:
Mr. Orenstein calls me up and says he won’t get back to Baldwin from work in time to buy one dozen bagels he needed for the morning. I said no worry, I’ll go next door to the Bagel Emporium, and have it waiting for your pickup (we closed at 9:00 PM). He came, was given a receipt, and he gladly paid our cashier.

People don’t forget.

Another example:
A regular customer (it really didn’t matter if she was a regular customer or not) calls me and says she is home sick with her kids and they are sick, too. Could Ben’s deliver? Of course, Mrs. Pollack. “l’ll get to your home within 30 minutes.”

People don’t forget.

And lastly, another example:
A synagogue calls me ten minutes before closing time and desperately pleads with me to cater their event … for 300 people. I called all the workers back into the restaurant and we were able to feed 300 people and get there 80 minutes later. I never asked the reason why the short notice, but I do know that not many businesses could turn on a dime and perform as we did that night.

People don’t forget.

Do you know how I know people don’t forget? When I asked my customers to support Ben’s and help get us through these challenging times … they came.

Thank you to all my friends and loyal customers for your support. We have been there for each other through good times and bad. We are stronger together and Ben’s appreciates you now more than ever.

See ya at the deli.


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