October 2021 Ruminations & Ronnifications

After forty-nine years in the delicatessen-restaurant business, dealing with vendors, employees and the public, it is an understatement to say that I have been both educated and enlightened. I rarely share my innermost thoughts with the public, or really anyone except my wife, yet – as I get on in years – I find that I am less inclined to be so constrained.

It has never been easy dealing with the public. In fact, the public can be challenging at times. I knew this long before my  son echoed those sentiments 25 years ago. Fast forward to Covid and the pandemic and it is only gotten worse.

But I – as an idealistic, people loving human being – that began in this business attempting to please all customers, will continue to try to please my customers.

After all, it is the customers that taught this low esteemed kid from Queens County in New York City to be tough and steadfast in my beliefs and handle every challenge with courage. It was an education I couldn’t have obtained in a classroom. Since my parents went through some rough times economically, I feel my inclination to please was borne out of these experiences. Have I always succeeded and do I make all customers happy? Of course not… but I’ll never stop trying. And as the Vice President of Ben’s reminds me all the time, “we are all flawed human beings.” And  “we can try but we can’t make everyone happy.”  But, I promise to  never stop trying.

I ask you to continue to be patient with us as we are dealing with rising food and paper costs, trying to keep our staff and customers safe, while taking your last minute orders, pick-ups, deliveries, and curbside requests. We are trying to execute without error and provide excellent customer service while having less help than we want, can retain, and were once accustomed.

Thank you for your business this past holiday season. Thank you to the employees who worked tirelessly to execute and make it happen. My debt of gratitude is boundless to all that keep the tradition and this 49 year old business alive, as I watch so many business around me fail.

See ya at the Deli,


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