October 2022 Ruminations & Ronnifications

In over thirty years in writing for the hard copy Deli E Newsletter, and now the monthly On-line Newsletter, I’ve pretty much exhausted my interesting and funny stories, celebrations, and memories.  Nothing in college, nothing in the streets of New York City, and nothing in my prior life experiences could have  prepared me for the kosher deli business.

But I have now lived it for 50 years and survived … and thrived. And we are still listening to our patrons – new and old – so that we can innovate, and keep up with changing times and  habits.

In the coming months you will hear from Mr. Todd Silverstein, our Chief Operating Officer, as well as our Vice-President, Ms. Gilah Salzano. I am sure they will have some interesting insights and thoughts as to how we best position ourselves the balance of this decade and beyond.

In the meantime, I will resume writing, Confessions of a Kosher Deli Clerk, that began over twenty years ago with forty pages written and then stowed away for future resumption. It’s time for me to resume my excursion into creative writing. Until then, I will continue advising Todd and Gilah as they do the grunt work needed to sustain Ben’s.

Thank you  for your   loyalty and most importantly your friendships, that developed through the last 50 years.

On Tuesday, October 25th we will be celebrating our 50 year anniversary in every Ben’s by giving 50% off  on all dining room checks.  Come join us and enjoy the savings and celebration.

See ya at the deli,

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