September 2018 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Throughout my career, I always prided myself in giving value to Ben’s patrons. My dream has been — and still remains to be — to satisfy as many patrons as possible. Too many times throughout the years, I have heard that Ben’s is expensive. I shook my head knowing that I kept the prices down, effectively keeping the lid on my competitors’ pricing. But because I desired a certain ambiance, invested in technology (beginning with the installation of computers in 1978), and maintained the restaurants, I spent the requisite dollars to ensure the look and feel that I wanted for Ben’s.

It was evident to me that people thought that, if our restaurants looked as they do, then Ben’s must be expensive! I simply chalked that up — those “expensive†impressions — to people not understanding the enormous pride I take in Ben’s appearance.

Money has not been my motivator and never will be. Where I came from in my life, no matter how bad my business might become, I am a whole lot better off in life than when I began this journey over 46 years ago! Pride in my business, not money, motivates me.

May all of our friends and patrons have a very happy, healthy, reflective, and peaceful New Year. And for those who do not celebrate these holidays, may you and your families have a bountiful fall harvest with health, happiness and peace.

See ya at the Deli,


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