August 2021 Ruminations & Ronnifications

I am proud and excited to announce that my best daughter (my only daughter) Jaime has officially joined the Ben’s team. I always knew she had some restaurant blood coursing through her veins and have been waiting anxiously for her to decide when the time was right. I cannot think of a better time, than now, as we approach our 50th anniversary, and with my precious grandchildren in school full day, for her to take a position and help continue my legacy. My ultimate desire is to keep Ben’s and the tradition alive, well into the distant future.

She is taking over for her mom and my loving wife of forty-five years, Cindy… who worked alongside me for many years, which enabled me to think outside the box, and grow and build Ben’s.

Todd Silverstein (our Chief Operating Officer) and Gilah Salzano (our Vice President) and I look forward to collaborating with Jaime. Along with our hard work and the hard work of the General Managers and their respective teams, we will be better than ever.

Practically born in Ben’s in Baldwin and spending much of her life working in various Ben’s locations (Greenvale mainly) has prepared her for this new role. Jaime also holds a Master’s Degree in Education and taught in the NYC Public School System for ten years.

Presently, Jaime is working with our Marketing Manager, Al Olle, on a new menu design and will continue working with our management teams on aspects of media, customer feedback, and quality assurance initiatives.

Please join me and raise our glasses of Baron Herzog wine (kosher of course) –– as part of celebrating 50 years of Ben’s and its continuation with my bright and beautiful daughter (would a loving dad say anything otherwise) –– and shout out Le Chaim (To Life in Hebrew).

See ya at the Deli.

Ronnie, Todd, Gilah, Jaime and all the Manager’s at Ben’s.

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