July 2021 Ruminations & Ronnifications

To my dearest oldest and youngest friends and customers, we at Ben’s, thank you for helping us to continue the tradition began in October 1972. What seems like yesterday is extraordinary since it was over 48 years ago that this all began. I was a young 24 years of age then and now I am a young almost 73 years of age. For the few aches and pains and a few medical procedures that may have slowed me down, I may not be able to move mountains but I can still move hills. Of course, this getting older thing isn’t for the faint of hearted but it’s still a whole lot better than the alternative. At least that’s what my wife tells me.

Rather than involve myself in the insightful discussion about how we treat some of our furry friends better than we treat our fellow human beings, suffice it to say, I believe we all know when it might be a better time to bid our farewells. For right now, I have too much to do, to accomplish, and change, so that we have a better chance of entering our 50th year without rancor or regret and still proudly standing.

We are hard at work making improvements in order to make this happen.

Have you seen the Greenvale courtyard? If you haven ‘t please stop by. We have beautiful new outdoor furniture for new our outdoor table service. Like Greenvale, Woodbury, Carle Place, Bayside and Scarsdale now have daily outdoor table service. Please take advantage. While dining outdoors in Scarsdale, please take notice how we beautified this location with new landscaping. Our Manhattan store has reopened after months of closure. As you and your businesses return to the city, please stop by and think of us for all your catering needs. Lastly, our chefs have spent months, hard at work, creating our recently rolled out Plant Based Menu. Now, more than ever, there is something for everyone at Bens.

We Shall, Overcome has been my life’s work, my life’s passion and I refuse to give into these some late and difficult vagaries of life. As it was written at the turn of the 19th century and popularized by folk singers such as Joan Baez and Pete Seger, “We shall overcome”…

If any of our short term or long term friends and patrons have some great ideas for the future of Ben’s, please offer us your insight on how to keep us going while others like E.’J. Korvettes, Robert Hall, and Sears, have all bitten the dust.

Let’s help keep Ben’s alive.

See ya at the Deli.


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