December 2019 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Here it is, not only another year ending and another beginning, but a new decade. It’s 2020, and to think I thought that I would be an old man if I lived to the year 2000. Well now, two decades later, I’m still toiling in Kosher delicatessen heaven. The changes I have witnessed these last 20 years have been unimaginable.

Keeping to the topic of food, we have buzzwords like “processed,” “organic,” “gluten-free,” “nut free,” “vegan,” “vegetarian” and “pescatarian.” These words really change how we restauranteurs work, think, and act, and, more importantly, how we stay relevant in the food industry.

I am blasted with emails, relating to the above topics — most of the vendors I don’t want or need — so I put myself on what I call “high alert” and, yet, I am still deluged with emails that I don’t need or want. Not only emails regarding food, but prequalify is a constant and I keep wondering how does one prequalify or how does one pre-board for that matter? I keep getting emails for Viagra (that little blue pill) and I keep asking, “How do they know?”

Where does this leave me? Possibly behind a driver who is texting and causes me to get stuck as the green light turns to yellow and then red. Or with a person who walks right into my car because they are walking without looking as they are focused on their phone. Or with my wonderful grandchildren, Ella Bettie and Leo Bernard, whom I adore, but can’t sit through a meal without having to watch a video on their mommy’s smartphone.

As I look ahead, I am hopeful for positive change. Sometime in the new year 2020, I look forward to providing more vegan and vegetarian options. Stay tuned as we reveal our new plant-based menu selections. We continue to strive to meet the ever-changing eating habits of our customers and are always looking to attract new patrons. As always, I am available to hear your thoughts and evolve with you so I remain current.

As we leave 2019 and enter 2020, I will think about the remaining holidays — Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. As always, I look forward to participating in your celebrations by catering your holiday, taking your last-minute order, providing dreidels to your children and grandchildren… and, of course, making lots of Latkes.

I want to wish all of you, my loyal customers, a very happy, healthy, peaceful and reflective secular new year.

See ya at the Deli.


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