January 2020 Ruminations & Ronnifications

Is enough, enough?

I keep hearing people saying, “It’s good enough.”

Well, those words ring hollow to me.

All my life- in both my personal and professional life – I have strived for excellence, knowing that I would invariably fall somewhat short.

You see good enough was never good enough for me, but it seems I am badly outnumbered by those I meet and with whom I work.

How do I reconcile these two conflicting thoughts and actions working with those who think it is enough?

I don’t… and I can’t. But unlike too many others, I have my own road to travel. I guess I’ll always take the road less traveled but if it means greater success- in both my personal and professional life- I will gladly take that route.

As always, when the product and services do not meet your expectations, or we don’t do enough, please let me know.

See you all at the Deli.


P.S. I write this at 11:43pm after working thirteen hours (and three days before the New Year) in the Ben’s in Boca Raton, Florida, seeing many of our long-time patrons from the various Ben’s locations in New York.


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