Frequently Asked Questions



QuestionWhere can I buy a Ben’s Gift Card?
AnswerYou can buy Ben’s Gift Card at any participating Ben’s Restaurant location or online with a major credit card at Ben’s secure website.
QuestionWhat are Ben’s Gift Card terms & conditions?
AnswerRead our Gift Card terms & conditions here.
QuestionWhat happens if I lose my card?
AnswerTreat your Gift Card like cash. It cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. However, if you registered your Gift Card and email us promptly if it is lost or stolen, we will deactivate the card, investigate and try to recover the card if someone attempts to use it or return it. Please send us your name, address and email address on the account.
QuestionCan I use my Gift Card to join Ben’s Friends Rewards to earn rewards?
AnswerNo. In order to join the Ben’s Friends Rewards and earn rewards you will need to obtain a Ben’s Friends Rewards Card at one of our locations and register that card online.
QuestionDo you have an easy way to send multiple Gift Cards to a list of recipients?
AnswerPlease compile a list of the names and addresses (if we will be mailing the cards for you) of the individuals you would like to send Gift Cards to including the amount for each Gift Card. Send us an email with your list and your contact information including phone number. We will contact you for payment by credit card and make the necessary arrangement to ship the cards directly to you for distribution, or mail them directly to your recipient list.
QuestionCan we use Ben’s Gift Cards as a fundraiser for our non-profit group or organization?
AnswerYes. Gift Cards are available in $25 and $50 denominations. Please email us with the name of your organization, the contact information for the individual running the fundraiser and the number of Gift Cards that you would like to sell. We will contact you with further information, arrange for payment and make the necessary arrangements to get the cards to you.

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