May 2018 Ruminations & Ronnifications

A reflection on comedy as a career:

Have you, like me, thought about how we would fare in a profession other than our present one?

I guess, as we wind down our chosen careers, we think of those possibilities.


I want to be a talk show host, writing my own commentary and clean humor (though I am no prude).

I’d question many of the celebrities we know and bring them back down to earth.

I’d cajole the comedians to make me belly laugh.

I’d question the politicians on their policies, their relationship with big money donors, and their reasons for supporting their chosen policy positions.

Since I can’t sing (can’t even carry a tune), nor dance, nor run a ten-minute race, I’d better be a great listener, a great inquisitor, quick-witted, and generally nice. This would ensure that the same fate that befell poor ole Chevy Chase (master of the pratfall) wouldn’t befall me!

Hey, wait a minute, I do all that in my present job as Chief Bologna Slicer (CBS) at Ben’s.

P.S. My customers are my audience, our employees are our comedians, and the complainers are the politicians!!!

See ya at the Deli,


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